Digital Testing Lab Equipment & Instruments


With firm commitment to quality, our organization is manufacturing, exporting and supplying Digital pH Meters. These products are used in various laboratories and chemical industries to measure the pH value of chemicals and compounds. These products are widely appreciated in national and international markets for its accurate readings and durability. We manufacture these products from premium grade components which are obtained from reliable vendors. The Digital pH Meters we offer is quality tested before placing it for delivery.

Digital pH Meter

Microprocessor controller based pH/Temp/MV meter (Model T-101)

Digital pH meter(Model T-102)

Digital pH meter range 0-14pH, Auto temp. compensation, supplied with combination glass electrode,temp probe, electrode stand, 4.0,7.0pH duffer solution.

Digital pH meter (Model T-103)

Digital pH meter range 0-14pH, Manual  temp. compensation, combination glass electrode, electrode stand,Temp probe , 4.0,7.0pH duffer solution.


We offer Auto Digital Photo Colorimeter filter with facility for automatic zero setting with finger touch,2.5 digit LED display, Range 400 to 700nm , 1ml solution measurement.highly accurate & Compact.

Technical Specifications

Model ST - 108 (Auto Digital photo colorimeter)

Filter Standard Glass 8 Filters

Mini Volume 1 ml.

Display 2 1/2 Digit LED

Range 400-700 nm

Output OD: (0 to 1.99)

Resolution OD : 0.01

Accuracy 0.5%FSI

Detector Selenium Photocell/Photo Detector

Light Source 6.8v, 0.3Amp, Tungsten Lamp

Power 230V + 10%, 50 Hz. AC

2.Auto Zero digital Photo colorimeter with 8 filters ( Model T-108)

3. Auto zero digital photo colorimeter with 8 filters(Model T-109)

With Battery back up Facility :12 volts. DC battery Backup 


With the support of our team of expert professionals, we are able to offer Digital Conductivity Meter for our customers. These products are highly demanded in the market for their accurate readings and efficiency for measuring the conductivity of various materials. Best-in-class components are procured from the reliable vendors to manufacture high-grade products. Featured with LED display and long lasting service, the Digital Conductivity Meter is highly appreciated in the international market.

Digital conductivity meter( Model T-113)

 Digital conductivity meter 3.5 digit LED display with facility for  temperature compensation and digital cell constant adjustment along with conductivity cell& other accessories (Table model)


Digital D.O Meter

Digital Dissolved Oxygen meter ( Model T- 120)


Digital flame photometer (signal channel) single aspiration, with filter (Na&K). final result in ppm,3.5 digit  LED display for simultaneous result along with compressor & accessories, auto ignition, Ca & Li filter can be provided on request at extra cost.

2.Digital flame photometer ( Dual  channel) Model T-125

Digital flame photometer (Dual display)  with filter (Na&K). final result in ppm,2.5 digit dual LED display for simultaneous result along with compressor & accessories, auto ignition, Ca & Li filter can be provided on request at extra cost.

 3. Microprocessor Digital flame photometer  Model T-124

   Microprocessor Digital flame photometer , Four element measurement in a single aspiration ( Na,K,Li & Ca). calibration curve fit routines first order and second order. Data displayed in concentration units i.e ppm & meq, automatic filter selection : auto calibration feature. Printer attachment , PC connecting compatibility, Sample data storage more then 500 results, alphanumerical key board for easy data entry, Graphical LCD display thus easy to read, curve calibration using upto 5 standard , Multiple calibration curve saving facility, stainless steel burner. Auto gas cut off in case of power failure. Provided with 2 filters ( Na & K) & compressor & acc.   


Mini Dry Bath Incubator +5ºC above ambient to100ºC degree Heating  (Model T-42)

. 24 holes for 12mm tubes.

. + 5dig above ambient to 100dig C.

. Temp sensor PT-100

. Maximum heating power 125W

.Temperature Controller PID.

.Timer 1 min to 99 minutes.

.LCD Display for time & Temperature

. Anodized Aluminnum block.

. Power 220 Volts AC

. Avialable with Buzzer alarm & over heat protection


 Model: ST-721

Keeping the variegated demands of customers in mind, our company offers high quality range of Microprocessor Visible Spectrophotometer. This Microprocessor Visible Spectrophotometer is known for its sturdy construction and low maintenance. At pocket friendly price, clients can purchase this product from us.


Wavelength range (nm): 340-1000

Transmittance range: 0-199.9

Absorbance range A: 0-1.999

Scope of concentration display: 0-1.999

Wavelength accuracy (nm): ± 3

Wavelength repeatability (nm): 1.5

Bandwidth (nm): 2 nm

Transmittance accuracy%: ± 1

Absorbance repeatability%: 0.3

Stray light%: 1.0

Noise%: 0% 0.3

100% 1.0

Overall dimensions (mm): 460 x 350 x 180

Weight (Kg): 8 kgs

Display: the LCD screen with backlight 

Standard configuration:

 Main instrument: 1 unit

Operational manual: 1 No.

Power cable: 1 No.

Glass cell 10mm: 2 No.

Main Lead: 1 No.


Built in silicon oil bath and stirrer. Adjustable heating rate and stirrer speed. Temp. range up to 275 dig C,readability 1 dig C Supplied with one dox of capillary tube & silicon oil. Complete packed in thick cardboard box with instruction manual.



Latest technique constructions Karl Fisher Titrimeter  to determines moisture contents in liquids by Titration Methods.

Auto Titration Control + Auto Zero Burette + Adjustable Timer + Visual & Audible Alarm

Main Details

   Digital display array of 10 LED in line

1 - 50 mg of sample size only

K.F. dispensing resolution 0.05ml

Run ADD end indication display in auto made

Highly sensitive solenoid valve for automatic K.F. Regent Flow control

Duel platinum electrode for measuring

Air tight 200ml glass vessel titration cell

30 seconds end point time

Adjustable timer

Visual and audible alarm (Buzzer)

Variable speed magnetic stirrer with on/off control

Pressure filling auto zero 10ml burette with 0.05ml resolution

Instrument workable on 230VAC ±10% 50Hz

Standard Accessories supplied with instrument

O  Burette 10ml (Clear glass), Reservoir bottle 500ml, Titration cell 200ml, Duel platinum electrode, ptfe coated stirring capsule, Nozzle, Moisture trap with rubber tubing, Rubber bellow for pumping air, Instruction manual in English.


UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (With wave length scanning software)


  • Large LCD Screen(128*64)dots
  • Can display and save 50 groups of data, 5 groups per screen
  • Data can be restored after a sudden power cut
  • Auto setting Wavelength
  • Automatical WL.Calibration and dark current getting 

Main Specifications :

Model : T 295   (Single Beam)

  •  Wavelength Range :   190nm to 1000nm
  •  Spectrum Bandwidth :    2nm,   
  •   Accuracy :   ± 1nm,  
  •  Wavelength Repeatability : 0.5nm
  •  Wave length setting :    Auto  , 
  • Photometric Accuracy :    ± 0.5%T,
  • Photometric Repeatability :  0.3%T
  •  Photometric range :     -0.3-3A,  0-200%T
  •  Stray Light :   <0.3%T,   Photometric repeatability  :  0.3%T
  •  Stability     :     ± 0.002A/h @ 500nm
  •  Display     :      LCD,    
  •  Detector    :    Silicon  Photodiode
  •  Light Current Drift : 0.5% / 3 min, Dark Current Drift : 0.2% / 3 min
  •  Standard Cell Holder :   4 position 10mm cell changer
  •  Light source  :    Tungsten lamp and Deuterium lamp can be turned ON/Off individually .
  •  Automatic Wave length Calibration and dark current getting.
  •  Input voltage 220-230VAC ±10%.

 Standard Accessories

 Wave length scanning software, 10mm sample cell 2 Quartz and 2 Glass, RS 232 cable, dustcover, working / instruction manual.


Designed for quick and accurate counting of  bacterial and mould colonies in petri dish, simply place dish on illuminated plate, a electronic touch pen provided to mark each colony in turn.

Main Details

  •  3 Digit digital display 0-999.count with memory locations
  • LED display
  •  Hold and count correction facility
  • Data restored even after power failure
  •  Counting plate with illuminated standard wolfhugel ruling                
  • Instrument workable on 230VAC ±10% 50Hz
  •  Standard Accessories supplied with instrument
  •  O  Marking pen, Magnifying glass with fixing clap and rod, Instruction manual in English.

Model T-135

Digital colony counter 4 digit LED display range 0-9999 with counting pen ,Magnifying glass with fixing clamp and rod, 


Double beam UV-VIS spectrophotometer with more accuracy and flexible requirements. The two detectors are used to measure sample and reference respectively and simultaneously for optimizing measurement accuracy. It has wide wavelength range satisfing requirement of various field, such as biochemical,research and industry, pharmaceuticals analysis and production, education, environment protection, food industry etc. 

Model : T-2802

  • Wavelength Range :     190nm to 1100nm
  •  Spectrum Band width :   1nm
  •  Wave length  accuracy :    ± 0.3%T,      Wave length reproducibility  < 0.1nm
  •  Working Mode :             Basic / Quantitative / Wavelength scan / DNA  Protein test /   Kinetics
  •  Scanning speed  :          Fast / Medium . Slow
  •  Photometric display range  :   0 to 200% T,  -0.3-3.0A, 0-9999 C
  •  Photometric accuracy   :   0.3%T 
  •  Photometric reproducibility   :   < 0.2%T,   
  •  Stability            : 0.001 A/h & 500nm (after warming up)
  •  Stray light  :   0.5%T  @ 220nm. 360nm
  •  Baseline flatness  :        ± 0.001A,  
  •  Detector    :    Dual  Silicon  Photodiode
  •  Data Output Port :  USB  Printer Port  : Parallel port
  •  Cell Holder  :   8 cell Holder 
  •  Input voltage 220-230VAC ±10%.

Standard Accessories

Wave length scanning software, 10mm cells, dustcover, working / instruction manual.